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Timyon Saanen Goats are line bred for high yields and sound confirmation, with an emphasis on being quiet, small and easily managed.

The Timyon Herd seeks to improve its stock in each generation by the considered use of line breeding, the use of high quality males, good stockmanship and careful and decisive selection. Each year we produce prize winning stock at high quality shows. Our milk records are outstanding.

Our stock features in many of the successful commercial herds both at home and abroad and we are pleased to provide top quality male and female goats to commercial herds. We have over 40 years experience with goats.

The herd comprises only Saanens based upon Dutch White imports and the best Mostyn bloodlines.

The current herd is based upon the twin sisters RM196 Timyon Jennie *3 Breed Champion and RM242 Timyon Jemini *3 Breed Champion both of whom require only a Q* to become full inter breed champions. The 2018 star was Timyon Deedee, never beaten by any Saanen in inspection classes.

The herd has been whole-herd CAE Tested since 1980’s but is not Scrapie Monitored. The Timyon Herd is being disbursed, please see “For Sale” page.

Enquiries for goats are always welcomed:-
David Will, The Willows, Happisburgh Common, Norwich, NR12 0RT.
Tel: 01692 652266 Mob: 07050093420